Health Promotion Project: Children's Time

This project targets children 4 to 12 years old (and their families) who are experiencing difficult situations such as divorce, family illness, substance abuse, spousal abuse, bullying, immigration, death in the family, etc.

Sudden changes and situations may cause stress, anxiety, aggressiveness and depression for children. Unfortunately, the majority of these families are single parents (mothers).

While (some) mothers enjoy dinner and participate in a support group at “Agape,” children gather to have dinner in the premises next door. After dinner, children engage in fun activities such as baking, arts and crafts, games and sports.

Our goal is to motivate these mothers and their children, reducing anxiety, stress and depression, all while creating greater self-esteem.

With the cooperation of the CISSS Laval, we are working towards having health professionals support some of the group sessions and in more complex situations, Agape’s social worker can evaluate and refer the family to the proper institution.

When participating in this program children (and their families) will break their isolation. Self-esteem will improve for the child and eventually for his/her parent(s). Agape and the Agape NPI will provide channels to access resources, especially in the public health and social service institution of Laval for curative services.

The above protective factors will create a sense of well-being and curb the necessity for curative health and social services.

New relationships will form and existing ones will be strengthened to create support networks between English primary schools (SWLSB), the CISSS Laval and Agape.

“If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish.”
- Sam Walton

 For more information please contact Kevin McLeod: (450) 686-4334,

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