In the spring of 2018, our computer course transformed into an ipad course, given the evolution of technology.                       

We have also recruited local high school students who help Agape teach this valuable tool to Laval, 

English-speaking seniors. We still want those seniors who excel in the use of ipads to teach fellow

seniors as a way of giving back. We have tutoring by a senior volunteer every Wednesday from 1pm to

3pm at Agape's Senior's Wellness centre, 3860 Boul. Notre-Dame, suite 305, for those who want to get

practical tips for their ipad usage.

In our 2014-2015, Seniors Leading the Way, Agape has begun teaching basic computer usage to seniors 55 years

and older in order to help them keep up with services and to be aware of such topics as elder abuse. Part of this

learning experience encourages the seniors to transmit their knowledge to their peers. This allows the expansion

of useful knowledge, maintenance of cognitive abilities and to keep seniors aware of resources and services.

During our computer course the Quebec Elder abuse awareness website is shown to the students.

In 2011, with the collaboration of Human Resources Canada, AGAPE presented a new project called “Seniors Paving the Future.”

We approached a group of seniors and invited them to partake in a series of meetings with students of grades 9, 10 and 11.

The goal of this project is for seniors to share their past experiences, career choices, professions and success stories with the youth. Shortly after they have shared their stories, a question and answer period follows whereby the students are free to ask the seniors any questions they may have.

Challenges and benefits of the career chosen are shared to encourage the young men and women to make the right choices for their future.

This very successful project ended on March 31, 2012 and we are hopeful to renew it again for the 2012-13 school year bearing in mind that no further grant or financial support will be received.

“The beauty about seniors is their wisdom... for behind those wrinkles and grey hairs, lays a life of experience, battles and victories.

Their face holds a story that deserves to be told; lessons to learn about their errors and success.

We owe them our respect as they have already ran with perseverance, the marathon of life.

We don’t know if we will make it as far as they have…

In God’s Kingdom, seniors are honoured because they carry something that the young man has not yet obtained.”

-Author unknown    
To watch a 4 minute video of Seniors Paving the Future

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