"Healing the Family" was introduced for victims of abuse and violence;

When victims of abuse come to our centre we immediately meet with them and assess the situation. Once we have determined the problem, we offer suggestions,  guiding the person in the right direction.

Sometimes, things as simple as counseling, prayer and therapy may be suggested.

It is important to mention that AGAPE does not promote divorce or separation and we believe that in most cases, other options are available.

This being said, we also believe in a world of equality and in a world where a human being should not have to suffer a life of physical, emotional or sexual abuse.

In more extreme cases of abuse, we are able to help find shelters to keep victims and children safe. We may suggest legal help and will follow-up to make sure things are progressing positively.

If necessary, the next step is to help these victims find a new place to live.

AGAPE offers free food, clothing, furniture and toys for their new beginning.

It is important to understand that in extreme cases of abuse, victims will leave their homes with nothing but their children and the clothes on their back.

Budget programs and job search programs are also available if needed.

If you know of anyone who is a victim of abuse… slip him/her our business card and tell him/her AGAPE may be able to help. 
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