During the entire year AGAPE's main priority remains to keep feeding the underprivileged families.

During Christmas season and Hanukkah, AGAPE prepares food baskets for over 1,250 families and during this period, we receive help from local churches, banks, car dealers, schools and families. Food basket campaigns ensue and through their generosity we are able to "get the job done."

The bigger challenge is throughout the balance of the year when we hardly have any food and families continue to knock on our door.

During this time we struggle to keep up the supply/demand and that is why we welcome people to bring us non-perishable food items throughout the entire year.

AGAPE also accepts donations of toys, furniture, clothing and household items.

Serving the multi-cultural communities means that many families arrive to Canada with nothing. AGAPE helps these families by giving furniture, clothes, toys and household items such as dishes, blankets and others.

If you want to make a donation, simply click on "DONATIONS."

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