AGAPE also deals with persons who suffer from many types of addictions.

Many families come to us and ask for help for a loved one who is suffering from some type of addiction…

"Clear Head, Clean Soul" program was introduced to assist victims of all types of addiction including drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling and others.

The first step of the program consists of meeting with addicts and discussing the many options available to them.

We believe that it is important to treat all people with the utmost respect and by showing them this love and respect, we are able to guide them in the right direction.

Once the victim has admitted that he/she is an addict, the largest step has already been taken and the second step would consist of referring him/her to the right professionals for intervention.

While the addict goes through the next steps with a group of trained professionals, AGAPE will continue to keep contact with this person and continue to encourage him/her as a friend.

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